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Can I Pray Behind Someone From a Different Madhab?

Praying Behind Someone From a Different Madhab

Imam Dardeer said in the explanation of the book of Imam Khaleel : “It is permitted to follow a blind man in the prayer. It is also permissible to follow a person in prayer who adopts a different school of fiqh in the prayers such as a Maliki follows a Shafi`i or Hanafi even if the Imam (leader of prayer) commits what nullifies wudu’ (ablution) such as touching his private parts or wiping only a part of his head during his ablution, etc according to the view of the school of the follower.

What is the meaning of Madhab? What is the ruling of following an Imam who is not from your Madhab? Watch this short video to get the answer with Sheikh Waleed Bayouni.


Source: Faithiq Facebook Page

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