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The Priority of Prayer

Prayer is the most fundamental and the most important of the obligations of Islam. Salah is the prescribed daily prayer which consists of repeating and refreshing five times a day the belief in which one reposes his faith.

In this short talk, Sheikh Nouman Khan talks about the importance and status of prayer in Islam and how it refreshes one’s relationship with his Lord. He begins his talk by shedding light on the state of the believer when he stands in front of Allah, reviews what message He has given, and the connection between the prayer and the Qur’an.

Then, he talks about the event of changing the qiblah (direction of prayer) and the close relationship between observing one’s prayer and being steadfast on iman (faith).

Enjoy watching this talk with Sheikh Nouman Khan to realize the priority of prayer in the believer’s life.


Source: Dawah of A Muslimah Youtube Channel 

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