Having Doubts About My Wudu: What Shall I Do?

Satan loves subjecting people to doubt about their wudu’ (ablution) because it takes focus away from worship. It can become so bad that instead of focusing on your prayer, you stand, recite, and bow in a state of doubt.

There’s a belief that only people with OCD’s struggle with their wudu’. The truth is we all deal with doubt, and given the number of times a day we make, break, and re-make wudu‘, it’s easy to see why.

We do need to make wudu’ and maintain our spiritual hygiene, but once we have done our part, we need to let the doubts go. Even scholars struggled with similar doubts, and they came up with creative ways of ignoring doubt and focusing on their prayers instead. So how can we put our doubts to rest while also making sure we have done our part to have wudu’ properly?

Watch this short video with Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah to know the answer.


Source: Faithiq Facebook Page. 

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