Leaving Prayer with No Reward

It is a fact that in prayer, one communicates with one’s Lord, therefore, one should consider how he/she offers the prayer. Almighty Allah has commanded us to establish the prayer with all its elements carefully.

Khushu` (submissiveness to Allah) is one of the essential elements of prayer. The Muslim should come to prayer while his heart is present. When a person’s heart is fully occupied of what he says or hears, he is in a true state of khushu’.

In this short talk, Sheikh Abu Mussab Wajdi illustrates the concept of khushu’ and how to achieve it during prayer. He begins his talk by giving a short definition to it as follows, “It is bringing to mind the fact that one is standing in front of Allah while one’s heart reaches tranquility, soul relaxes, and bring to ones’ mind that Allah knows everything that one’s says.”

Then, he goes on to shed light on some acts that violate the status of Khushu` during the prayer.

Enjoy watching this interesting talk with Sheikh Abu Mussab to know what is meant by leaving prayer with no reward.

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