Making up for Years of Missed Prayers

Sheikh Muhammad Salah gives an inspirational answer to the question of making up the missed prayers. There are different opinions regarding the missed prayers but the vast majority of scholars are of the opinion that one must make up for those missed after a sincere repentance to Allah. So one could offer many of the missed prayers as possible such as offering many Fajr (Dawn) prayers after offering the obligatory one.

Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Al-Qayyim said: “The scholars who say that one should make up for the prayer do not say that by making up for it one is absolved of sin, rather they say that by doing so one’s burden of sin is reduced, but the sin of missing and delaying the prayer beyond its prescribed time is like any other sin, it needs either repentance or good deeds that will erase it or other things that will waive the punishment.”

Then, Sheikh Muhammad talks about his inspirational experience that he feels while offering the two rak`ahs (units of prayer) before the Fajr prayer. It was narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The two rak`ahs before the dawn (Fajr) prayer are better than this world and all what it contains.” (Muslim)

A Muslim should not take prayer as a duty that he/she has to offer but rather it is a connection between Almighty Allah and His slaves. The video sheds light on the status of prayer as a link between a Muslim and his Lord.

Sheikh Muhammad Salah narrates the following hadith explaining how prayer expiates our sins. Ibn Mas`ud narrated that: A man kissed a woman (unlawfully) and then went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and informed him. Allah revealed: And offer prayers perfectly at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night (i.e. the five compulsory prayers). Verily! Good deeds remove (annul) the evil deeds (small sins) (Al-Israa’ 11:114). The man asked Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him), “Is it for me?” He said, “It is for all my followers.” (Al-Bukhari)

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