Medically Treated for Hours: How to Offer Prayers?

Medically Treated for Hours

There is no excuse for quitting prayer in Islam.


I am suffering from kidney failure and I go to the hospital three times a week for dialysis sessions and the single session takes five hours. My question is, can I offer prayer in the hospital during the dialysis session especially my location is against the Qiblah direction and I cannot change it anyway?


First of all there is no excuse for quitting prayer in Islam. A person who cannot perform ablution can make tayammum (dry ablution). A person who cannot stand or sit down can pray while lying down by moving his head. It means that no Muslim who is sane and without a legal excuse can neither miss nor delay his/her prayer. Even if you are going to make up for the missed prayer later, still you will be held accountable  for not praying on time.

Responding to this question, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hijji Al-Kurdi, an expert in the Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence and a member of the Kuwaiti Ifta’ department of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, states:

It is better to make up for the missed prayers because of dialysis sessions after returning home. May Allah grant you a speedy recovery!



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