Offering the Prescribed Sunnah Or Greeting the Mosque?

Prescribed Sunnah Or Greeting the Mosque


I understand that every time I enter the mosque, I should offer two rak`ahs (greeting the mosque). What about if I enter the mosque between the adhan (call of prayer) and iqamah? Shall I offer the two rak`ahs of greeting the mosque or the prescribed Sunnah, such in case of Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer? Which one is preferable?  


Greeting the mosque is recommended according to most of the scholars.

Abu Qatadah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “When one of you enters the mosque, let him not sit down until he has prayed two rak`ahs”. (Agreed Upon)

Imam An-Nawawi said: There is a consensus among scholars that it is preferred to greet the mosque, and it is disliked to sit down without greeting it with no excuse.

Dr. Muhammad Salah said that Tahhiyat Al-Masjid was prescribed in order not to sit in the masjid without offering two rak`ahs. Jabir ibn `Abdullah narrated that Sulaik Al-Ghatafani came on Friday when the Prophet (peace be upon him) was delivering the sermon. He (Sulaik) sat down. He (the Prophet) said to him: O Sulaik stand and observe two rak`ahs and make them short, and then said: When any one of you comes on Friday, while the Imam delivers the sermon, he should observe two rak`ahs and should make them short.” (Muslim)

Do not miss watching this important fatwa with Dr. Muhammad Salah to know the ruling of offering greeting the mosque between the adhan and iqamah.


Source: Iqra Youtube Channel.

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