Does Allah Need Our Salah?

Does Allah Need Our Salah?

When you say you can’t pray, but Allah says yes, you can. So what?

Why must I pray if Allah does not need my prayer? Why such a burden and obligation? What for?

With that loaded schedule and hectic pace of life you (think) you don’t have the time to pray five times a day. Do you really believe that? Do we really have excuses to not pray?

Also, does Allah really care if I pray or not? Put it differently, does Allah need my prayer? Why I’m obliged to pray to Allah? What would it add to Him (Exalted is He) or to His kingdom?

But while we might raise all these questions we know that’s not the case- it’s not about God; it’s about us.

Then the question should be altered to: Why do we, humans, need to pray?

If you don’t feel that it’s a need in your life that you can’t manage without, then there’s a problem with you faith.

The fact is illustrated here by Nouman Ali khan answering a questioner, tackling all such striking inquiries….


Source: the deenshow

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