What Is the Difference Between Mani and Madhi?

Difference Between Mani and Madhi


I cannot distinguish between the excretion which comes out from the private parts. Is it an impure excretion that necessitates ghusl (ritual bath) or is it something that only requires washing off the private parts and performing wudu’ (ablution) before offering prayer?


Al-Mani (semen) is a thick white fluid that discharges by male or female as a result of sexual ejaculation. In such case, one has to perform ghusl whether male or female. If the discharge of sperm is due to illness or extreme cold, then there is need to perform ghusl. The majority of scholars are of the view that sperm is pure.

Al-Madhi is a sexual discharge that come out due to sexual arousal, e.g. sexual thoughts or foreplay. It comes out from both male and female. There is a consensus among scholars that madhi is impure. In such case, one has to wash his private parts, washing off any impurity on the clothes, and

`A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked about a person who found moisture (on his body or clothes) but did not remember the sexual dream. He replied: He should take a bath. He was asked about a person who remembered that he had a sexual dream but did not find moisture. He replied: Bath is not necessary for him.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani)

If one wakes up and remembers that he had a wet dream, but he does not find any witness around his private parts or on his clothes, then he does not have to perform ghusl. Umm Salamah narrated that Umm Sulaim, the wife Abu Talhah said, “O Allah’s Messenger! Allah is not ashamed of the truth. Is a ghusl (bath) compulsory for a woman when she has a sexual dream?” He (peace be upon him) replied, “Yes! When she sees signs of liquid” (Agreed upon)

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Source: Iqra Youtube Channel.

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