Drops of Urine Come out After Ablution: Excused?


When I pass urine and go to perform ablution, I feel that some drops of urine come out. This may happen while offering prayer and I have to check whether it is real or not. What should I do?


Performing wudu’ (ablution) before offering prayer is obligatory. One must be in a good shape and pure condition as Almighty Allah says:

O you who have believed, when you rise to [perform] prayer, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles. (Al-Ma`idah 5:6)

If one is certain that some drops of urine have come out after he has cleansed himself, he should wash his private parts and the area of the clothes the drops of urine might have touched. Then, he must perform ablution and offer prayer. Imam Ibn `Uthaimeen said, “One should ignore this, as enjoined by the imams of the Muslims, and not pay any attention to it or look at his private parts to see whether anything has come out or not. If he seeks refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan and ignores it, it will disappear. But if he is certain, absolutely certain, then it is essential to wash off whatever urine has got on him and repeat his wudu’

Dr. Muhammad Salah states that there are two cases:

1- Clinical Condition which known as urine incontinence in which the person cannot control his urination due to medical problems. In such case, a person should perform ablution immediately before the adhan (call of prayer) and then offer prayer even if there are drops of urine come out. If you combine two prayers, you can offer both with the same ablution and it is valid. However, such a person must perform a ablution before each prescribed prayer.

2- If it is something that happens occasionally due to cold weather or something else, one must perform ablution again before offering prayer.


Source: Iqraa Youtube Channel.

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