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Can I Make Supplication in My Own Language During Prayer?

By Editorial Staff

We can call on Allah in any language. After all, Allah created our languages and understands our needs, thoughts, and fears more than we even do. That is why making du`aa’ (supplication) in any language – raising our hands and speaking to Allah outside of the prayer – is universally recommended in Islam.

What about making du`aa’ in your prayer though? There are opportunities in your prayer – the five daily prayers – for making du`aa’ within the prayer like the time of sujud (prostration) and in between sujud during sitting between prostrations.

Watch here to learn the permissibility of praying in your own language within the prayer itself at the points when du`aa’ can be made, with Sheikh Waleed Basyouni.


Source: Faithiq Facbook Page.

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Aziz Ahmad Siddiqui

Aziz Ahmad Siddiqui


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