What Is the Ruling of Funeral Prayer for an Absentee?

Funeral Prayer for an Absentee


Our relative died in Saudi Arabia and was buried there. My family in India did not pray his Jananzah (Funeral Prayer) in India because it is against the Hanafi school of Fiqh, so what is the ruling? Could the Funeral Prayer be offered a day after the burial?


First of all, when a person dies, we should haste to his/her body for the burial. Before the burial, there is Janazah (Funeral Prayer). In case the person died somewhere and we are not able to get hold of him to offer the Funeral Prayer at all like those who died in a plane crash or who drown in a sea, then it will be prescribed to offer Janazah for the in their absence because their bodies do not even exist.

It is proven that the Prophet (peace be upon him) came out to his companions the day the Negus, the king of Abyssinia (may Allah have mercy on him), died; told them the news of his death and he lined them up in rows and offered the funeral prayer.

This hadeeth indicates that it is prescribed to offer the funeral prayer in absentia, but some of the scholars, such as the Hanafis and Maalikis said that this applied only to the Messenger (peace be upon him), and it is not prescribed for anyone else to offer the funeral prayer in absentia. The majority of scholars rejected that, however, and said that whether or not a thing applies only to the Prophet (peace be upon him) can only be proven with evidence, and the basic principle is that the ummah is enjoined to follow the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

What is the purpose of the Funeral Prayer?

It is performed to seek forgiveness for the deceased and all dead Muslims. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “If a Muslim dies, and forty people, who do not associate anything with Allah in worship, participate in the funeral prayer over him, Allah will accept their intercession for him.” (Muslim)

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Source: Huda Youtube Channel.

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