Importance of Ablution (2/2)

Ablution is an essential part of cleanliness and a basic principle of prayer. Prayer is not valid without ablution. Here, Sheikh Bilal Philips continues his interesting talk regarding the importance of ablution and he sheds some light on the common mistakes that many people commit while performing ablution:

1- Wiping over the front part of the head only:

The majority of scholars reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to wipe his whole head from the front to the back including the sides. Nowadays, many people wrongly just wipe over the front part of their heads three times.

2- Disregarding to pass a wet finger in between the toes:

In order to have a perfect ablution, one should pass one of his fingers in between the toes. This act is not an obligation, but this is among the acts that complete the ablution.

3- Forgetting to mention the name of Allah before ablution:

Many people forget to do that before offering their ablution.

Enjoy watching this fascinating talk with Sheikh Bilal Philips to learn more about the common mistakes that are made during ablution.


Source: DigitalMimber Channel on youtube.     

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