What Is the Ruling of Qunut in Fajr Prayer?

Qunut in Fajr Prayer


Should we follow the imam if he makes qunut during the Fajr (Dawn) prayer?


The Jurists define qunut as the supplication (duaa) that is offered during prayer while standing. It is recommended during the witr prayer after ruku (bowing) according to the correct view of the scholars.

If a calamity (nazilah) befalls the Muslims, it is prescribed to make supplication after standing up from ruku in the last rakah of each of the five daily obligatory prayers, until Allah relieves the Muslims of that calamity. 

To know the answer about the ruling of making supplication during the Fajr prayer, watch this short video to get the answer with Dr. Muhammad Salah. 


Source: Huda Youtube Channel.

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