Does Changing a Baby’s Diaper Nullify Ablution?

Changing a Baby’s Diaper


What is the condition of changing my baby’s diaper as he is still under the age of yawning and I have to wash his private parts? Would such action nullify my ablution (wudu’)? Is it permissible to use my bare hands in order to wash him or  do I have to wear gloves? Or do I have to perform ablution  every time I change his diapers?


Ablution is not nullified by cleaning a child’s urine, washing his diaper or touching his private parts, because touching najasah (impurity) does not nullify ablution. One has to wash off such impurity if he/she wants to offer prayer. There is a consensus among scholars on such ruling.

In this video, Dr. Muhammad Salah clarifies the ruling of one’s purification after changing a baby’s diapers and the ruling of touching the baby’s private parts.

This is an important Fatwa for every Muslim mother who has young children.


Source: Iqra Youtube Channel.

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