How to Pray in Congregation at Home Due to COVID-19?

Psychological Benefits of the Prayer

some people are offering prayer in congregation.

The psychological benefits of prayer for man are too numerous to count.

EDC Staff

The psychological benefits of prayer for man are too numerous to count. During  prayer, one remembers Allah, the Almighty Who has everything in His Hands, and remembers that he does not struggle in this life alone. Also, one remembers that there is an All-Knowing and All-Just Creator and Ruler of the world. So, if one is experienced to injustice or oppression, one consigns one’s matters to the One by His Command the heaven and earth remain.

If one undergoes some hardship or trouble, one resorts to Allah, Whose Mercy encompasses everything. No one other than Him has the absolute command and omnipotence.

This feeling surrounds a person’s life with an atmosphere of calmness and psychological tranquility that help him continue his life with good health, mental comfort and sensual peacefulness.

Dr. Rose Hilferding, a medical advisor at Boston Hospital, says that among the useful ways of healing is to unbosom ones troubles to a trustworthy person.

When patients speak at length about their troubles, the anxiety ends from their minds because speaking about one’s problems is a healing in itself.

It doesn’t matter, if the listener is a doctor, jurist, or a cleric. What is important is the feeling that he is listening and concerning.

So, what would it be if one is resorting to Allah, Who sees and in Whose Hands is the command and all the good?  Is not standing in prayer a rescue from all these diseases?

Dr. Alexis Carrel, awarded the Nobel Prize for his book “Man, the Unknown”, says, “As far as known until now, Prayer is ever the greatest creative source of power. As a physician, I have seen a lot of patients that all medicines have failed to cure them. Yet, it is prayer that finally relieved their pains.”

“Prayer is like the radioactive Radium, for people who seek to increase their limited activity in prayer by addressing the one with absolute and sufficient power.”

“When we pray, we link ourselves with the superpower that dominates the universe. We ask the one who have it to enable us face the sufferings of life. Yet, just recitation is enough to increase our power and activity. We never saw anyone invoking Allah without his supplications are replied with the best things.”


Translated and adapted from Encyclopedia of Miracles in Qur’an and Sunnah website.

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